June and July 2022 Supporter of the Month

Ruby and Peanut



Ruby and PeanutI would love to pet Ruby and Peanut, my June and July Supporters of the Month. Ruby is a 6year old Pit Bull named after Ruby Rose. Peanut is an 11 year old Mini Pinscher, Chihuahua mix. Her name was chosen because her caregiver calls her cacahuate, which is Spanish for peanut.


Many people mistakenly assume that Pit Bulls are aggressive, but Ruby is gentle and sweet. Ruby and Peanut are good friends. Their perfect day would include sleeping in, going for a car ride, hiking in the foothills, then coming home for a LickiMat of cream cheese.


Thank you Ruby and Peanut for supporting me! I hope you get your perfect day very soon! (courtesy of Amie) 

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