August 2021 Supporters of the Month

Penny and Ollie

Penny and Ollie

Thank you, Penny and Ollie, for being the Supporters of the Month!



Penny is a 13 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the best Christmas gift ever. She was named after the Beatles song “Penny Lane.” She is always near her caregiver, especially when the carrot peeler comes out. She can hear the carrot peeler come out no matter where she is, because that means carrots, her favorite snack. When Penny is content, she sleeps on her back with her little legs straight up in the air.


Ollie is a 4 year old Border Collie. He was named Ollie because his name can be short for Oliphant, a Scottish name. Border Collies originated on the border of Scotland and England, and his caregiver wanted a name to show that connection. As a puppy, Ollie was anxious, so he couldn’t be a traditional working farm dog. His caregiver thought he was perfect and that he needed lots of love. Ollie may not work on a farm, but he works in the yard to keep it squirrel-free. He watches and waits patiently, then chases them out of the yard. (courtesy of Susan)

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