November 2021 Supporter of the Month


Thank you, Suki, for being the Supporter of the Month! 


Suki is 15 years old. She loves everyone. When she meets new people, she expects them to pet her. She has her own water fountain, but she prefers water served in a juice glass. It has to be fresh and can’t sit out for more than 15 minutes. Sleeping and eating are her favorite things to do. She likes to nap hear her caregiver. During the day she naps in the office while her caregiver works. She tries to share the desk chair, but winds up taking up all the space for herself. At night she sleeps in the bed. Her caregiver chose the name Suki because it means love in Japanese. Suki is filled with love. (courtesy of Lindsay) 

Thank you Suki, for helping and supporting me! 


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