February 2022 Supporter of the Month

Loki and Toskr


Loki was a 15 year old Toy Poodle who recently passed away. His caregiver says he had a huge personality in a little body. He could be grumpy, but he was always sure of himself and knew what he liked. When he was held, he made soft grumbly noises. He only liked affection and cuddles when it was on his own terms.

He liked licking the kitchen floor most of all. He also liked pill pockets, even when they contained his pills. He gently pawed at the cabinet where the pill pockets were kept when it was time to take his medicine.

Loki was greatly loved and is greatly missed.

Loki’s family waited a while to get another dog. Just last week they brought home Toskr, a 3 month old Irish Wolfhound. The family has always given their dogs Norse names. Toskr is short for Ratatoskr, the squirrel in Norse mythology who runs up and down the World Tree delivering messages.

ToskrToskr loves to chew and get attention. He has found the perfect family to give him lots of love! Thank you Loki and Toskr for all your support! (courtesy of Christine)

It’s a big change going from a Toy Poodle to an Irish Wolfhound! Toskr is already very big! His special skill is going boneless when he needs to be picked up. I didn’t know this before, but Toskr’s caregiver told me Irish Wolfhound puppies should not go up and down stairs. The stairs are not good for their joints, so the puppies have to be carried up and down. I learned that some Irish Wolfhounds use ramps instead of steps!

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