October 2021 Supporter of the Month


Thank you, Mercedes, for being the Supporter of the Month! 


Mercedes is an 8 year old Japanese Chin. She was a breeder in a puppy mill, then surrendered when she couldn’t have any more puppies. A friend of her current caregiver, Corrina, took her in as a foster. When Corrina saw her she knew she had to adopt her, even though her family wasn’t looking for a dog. Mercedes got her name because she is a small fancy dog, and they thought she needed a big fancy name. She is more like a cat than a dog. She only likes to play with cat toys, especially the ones with catnip, and she licks her paws to wash her face. Mercedes is a licker. She sits next to her caregivers and shows her love by licking them. She prefers to live life in the city. She likes going out for brunch because sometimes she gets bacon.


Mercedes on the beachShe doesn’t like the snow, water, or the beach. Mercedes has only barked in one situation ever. Her family couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then they realized the new patio furniture was blocking Mercedes’ view of the yard. Once they moved it, she never barked again. You can follow Mercedes on Instagram at @jujumercedes (courtesy of Corrina, Brian, and Daryn)

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