March 2022 Supporter of the Month

Zora and Fiona


Zora is an 11 year old Vizsla mix. She loves belly rubs and will paw the air to request you keep petting her. Her caregiver calls Zora an “all or nothing” dog. Zora is either intensely focused or super lazy. She has the ability to get over almost any fence. She can even climb chain link fences! Her caregiver has had to make the yard very secure so Zora can’t escape.

Fiona is a 15 year old Husky mix. She is a happy dog, who is not irritated by anything. She is very smart. When she was younger she knew she couldn’t get on the bed. She would jump up and off quickly before they could even tell her no. Sometimes she would do it so quickly, she would only have one paw on the bed. They called this a “Fiona-by.” Fiona also knows how to get what she wants. She barks until her caregiver opens the door to let her and Zora out. When Zora goes outside, Fiona goes to the couch and takes Zora’s spot.

FionaThank you, Fiona and Zora, for helping and supporting me! (courtesy of Meg)











Zora peeking over fence


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